torsdag 24 maj 2012

... Manor Horse Stables...

Don't miss!

Manor Horse Stables, jointly owned by Michael Owen and Alan Booker.  This is a superb, state-of-the-art establishment, set up by horse lovers Michael and Louise Owen. There are more than 200 of the finest race horses stabled and trained here, in cosseted conditions, designed to enhance the performance of the horses. They enter all the important races both in the U.K. and abroad. Michael Owen and Wayne Rooney have their own horses at Manor House.

You can see the Equine Therapy Pool, walk through the stables and refreshments will be served in the Hospitality Suite.

You will also meet Neil, the Irish trainer. He inspects the horses each morning, instructing the jockeys on their day-to-day activities; whether they need to run, to trot or to have therapy
Then, you may accompany Neil on a hair-raising drive in his Jeep, racing around the field on four wheels, chasing and facing the horses on the track, right beside you, in front of you, behind you.  I did it and believe me, this is truly a thrilling experience that 'money cannot buy'. Absolutely unforgettable.

lördag 10 mars 2012

fredag 10 februari 2012

Visit our new web - Meet John Lennon's sister Julia

You can now visit our new website. Do you want to meet John Lennon's sister, Julia, for an unforgettable weekend, then book with us!
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